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Black and gifted

This series, “Black and Gifted,” explores African Americans from different walks of life that don’t get the media attention they have earned or deserve. It is about the overlooked and the ignored. It is about the talented, the gifted and the young. It is about the unheard.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest hits have been movies and shows about Wall Street. The movie, “Wolf of Wall Street,” based on the life of Jordan Belford, Showtime’s break out show, “Billions,” based on a fictional day trader, and countless others are all inspiring. Insert 29-year old Jonathan Lewis, a college drop out. Born in Houston, Texas, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he has become one of the most successful Binary Options (A binary option is a financial instrument based on a simple yes or no question where the payoff is a fixed amount or nothing at all) traders in the world, winning global trading competitions weekly.

Jonathan Lewis has tried and failed in many aspects of life, but through perseverance and determination has managed to succeed in more avenues than loses. At 29 years old, Jonathan Lewis is poised to be a heavyweight in the arena of Forex day trading. Forex is short for foreign exchange. The what is better left up to him, but to sum it up, the trader places a wager on whether a specific currency will be more or less valuable during a specific time period. Mr. Lewis founded an LLC, Urban Genius, whose purpose is to promote prosperity through Forex. Urban Genius provides interactive education and private group chats to connect with dozens of members to learn from each.

In addition to day trading, Mr. Lewis is a serial entrepreneur, with businesses in drop shipping, merchandise retailing, education, writing, real estate and recreational marijuana. For him, making money is an around the clock venture.

“A typical day for me is to wake up at 2AM, no alarm, look at my computer, read charts, make a cup of coffee, analyze global currency markets for 3 hours, take my positions, pace myself, grab breakfast, head to the gym and by 8AM my day is done.” says Mr. Lewis. As he casually checks the charts in his phone, you can really tell he eats, sleeps and breathes Forex. With up to 90% of day traders failing, it’s rare to be profitable in day trading. It’s extremely rare to make a living off of it and it’s even more rare to start a group to teach others how to be successful in Forex. The world is constantly evolving, it’s getting smaller in terms of proximity, but is expanding at the same rate. A paradox, much like cryptocurrency.

smaller in terms of proximity, but is expanding at the same rate. A paradox, much like cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has boomed and recessed in a very short time period. Bitcoin has been the front runner in the cryptocurrency market with most seasoned financial experts claiming the very notion of bitcoin is farce at best. When asked about the validity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Mr. Lewis said, “because all currency is based on perception, if society believes any object or “THING” to have value and hold that value to be exchanged for goods/services, it’s to be considered ‘REAL MONEY’. Money can be simply described as a tool to exchange for goods and services. In essence, anything can be money. Many feel that bitcoin is a scam because it’s not backed or supported by anything of tangible value such as gold, but neither is the almighty U.S. DOLLAR. Bitcoin simply allows peer-to-peer exchange of value without the interference of a central government or an excess of fees. It can also transfer value almost instantly across the world much faster than traditional banking, in today’s society

Black success seems to come in the form of athletes, actors and singers. While we do celebrate all of our heroes, we occupy a much broader space than entertainment and sports. We are in every fabric of American society and Mr. Lewis is proof that you don’t have to be what society wants you to be. His book, “Life in the Matrix,” which is part autobiography and part educational, is set to further legitimize him in the financial arena. The book will be out within a few months. If you would like more information on Forex and the group Urban Genius, type in the name Urban Genius on Facebook and Instagram.

More to come.

Joshua “Ocean” Bowens is a Media Specialist. He grew up in Atlanta but spent his summers in Albany. He is a Mass Communications graduate of Fort Valley State University. He is passionate about being able to articulate the contemporary socio-economic and political climate through the written word. Contact: .

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