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In 1968, Charles Sherrod, Slater and Marion King, Fay Bennett, Lewis Black, Bob Swann, Leonard Smith and Albert Turner traveled to Israel to study communal living and farming.  This form of living and working together was called the Kibbutz system.  Upon returning to the United States, these eight members formed New Communities, Inc. (NCI), in 1969 serving as the organization’s first Board of Directors.  NCI purchased close to 6,000 acres of land in Leesburg, Georgia, which became the largest tract of land owned by African-Americans in the country.  Former City Commissioner and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) worker, Charles Sherrod, served as board chair.

Although the original tract was lost through unfair and unjust means, the Sherrod family and supporters soldiered on and NCI now owns a 1600 acre tract, one of the most beautiful sites in Dougherty County.  Purchased in 2015 and now called Resora, it will be the site of the celebration.

Activities will begin on Wednesday, October 2nd with a play by renowned playwright Dr. Curtis Williams called ‘Freedom Song’ followed by a panel discussion.  On Thursday, October 3rd, there will be the premiere showing of the film ‘Arc of Justice’ which details the history of the organization.  On Friday, October 4th, a gala and dinner with a speaker will be the featured event.  Then on Saturday, October 5th, NCI will hold the culminating events, a networking breakfast, Land Trust workshops and a cultural festival.

The public is invited to participate in the entire affair or register for the event of your choice.  Call 229/430-9870 or email for more information.

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