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By The Editor

Queens-R-Us is an organization created to offer a variety of services and inspirational messages to help develop, motivate and encourage young women between the ages of 5-18 to become the Queens they are meant to be.  The focus starts on the inside and works outward.

The organization seeks to inspire girls and young women to understand and know their worth and to mentor them into becoming successful and intentional in all aspects of their lives through adulthood.  Queens-R-Us works to empower young women to become future leaders who exact positive social influence.  The mentoring programs are designed to boost self-esteem, provide educational sessions on health, fitness, dressing for success, financial literacy, community service and more.  It is a holistic approach to being a Queen in today’s society and discussing relevant information about subjects associated with today’s young women.

According to Ms. Carla Hawkins, founder and operator of the program, “It is a dream come true, as I have always wanted a safe and beautiful place where girls can realize their worth and value in this world.  I once was very lost and took a more complicated path in life until God and a very special mentor in my life helped me to realize who I am and who I was meant to be.  I am only paying it forward and want so much to provide the resources that our girls need.  The most important being LOVE AND SUPPORT.  Queens-R-Us wants to be an extension of each girl’s village and remind them that they are meant to be Queens!”

Ms. Hawkins had the honor of being crowned Miss Black Georgia in 2010.  It was her encounter with a young girl as tour the state speaking to young women that lead her to found the organization.  She recalls a little girl commenting that she could never be a Queen.  Ms. Hawkins feels very strongly that no girl should ever feel that way and wants to do what she can to lift that self-doubt.

The organization is currently seeking to increase enrollment by providing school bus transportation from the following schools:  Lincoln Elementary, Lamar Reese School of the Arts, International Studies Elementary Charter School, Robert Cross Middle School, Radium Middle and Monroe High School.  They hope to soon have their own van to pick up girls from all locations.

Queens-R-Us is located at 1319 W. Broad Avenue, Albany, GA  31701.  You can contact them at 229-449-1912 or at

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