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Tiffany and Reginald Brown

The first time I heard Reginald Brown laugh was Sunday when he was talking about his children.  He has two daughters, Camille and Brianna Brown, both of Blakely, his hometown, and two sons, Reginald, Jr., and of course, our hometown hero, Trent.  What made him laugh was when I told him that the story in 2nd Mt. Zion Baptist Church is that when he and his two sons walk into the church on Sunday mornings, the three are so big they block out the daylight.  It was a delightful chuckle.  You could tell he was brimming with pride in his children.  The same sense of pride oozed from Trent’s mom, Tiffany, when she told me stories of him in my sister, Donna Gaines’s, geometry classroom.  Tiffany has the reputation of checking on her children and reinforcing her and Reginald’s rules of humbleness, staying on task and respect, even visiting the classroom to make sure.  She says that Trent thrived under Ms. Gaines’ instruction when he had struggled before, becoming the best student in geometry at Albany High School that year.  They were both proud of what Judy Gaines had to say about the respect both the boys showed as she taught them in Children’s Church.  She called them her big babies.

Reginald grew up in Blakely but joined the Armed Services where he met Tiffany.  Both are veterans.  She, however, is from Texas where Trent was born.  They moved to Albany in 1993 when he joined the Albany Police Department and is now a Major with more than 25 years of service.  Mrs. Brown is in administration with the Dougherty County School System.  Reginald is the nephew of former Acting Albany Police Chief, Wilma Griffin who comes from a family of 13 brothers and sisters.

Major Brown says that his sons, Reginald, Jr., and Trent, are roommates and have been so since Trent left to play for San Francisco in 2015.  He says though Trent is one of the largest players in the NFL, he was raised the old-fashioned way, to say yes sir and yes ma’am.  Although he may appear to be a gentle giant off the field, both sons are that way, they can be just as tough and fierce as Trent is on the field when necessary.

Tiffany, too, talks about how they raised their children.  “Trent can set a table just as good as I can,” she said.  “It was his duty every night when we sat down for dinner.”  Great discipline training.  It certainly paid off Mrs. Brown.  A big embrace and salute to you both.  You deserve it.  You all have made us all proud.  Let’s keep the lessons going families!

Trent will report to training camp with the Raiders the end of July.

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